Report: Transportation Geeks Ride

(reported by Ms. Elicia Cardenas)
Date: 6/13/05
Riders: 26
Click here for the slide show

We went on a short ride through Southeast. The good geeky students all recieved worksheets to help identify the various bike facilities and traffic calming devices, and got to put a star on each item viewed. They also got stickers proclaiming such geek jewels as "I own the MUTCD" and " I have 823-SAFE on speed dial."

Of course, the ride leaders were appropriately attired in safety vests and stickers reading "I got booted from Alice B." And our interns were clearly marked.

All the students learned how to correctly identify a speedbump, a traffic circle, good vs. bad street crossing treatments, and what the MUTCD stands for. They also recieved Metro BikeThere maps for their troubles.

Participants wishing to win a final attendance prize should bring their completed worksheet to the Multnomah County Bike Fair and find Ms. Cardenas or Mr. Limaye.

Thanks to everyone who cares about geeky transportation issues. See you all at the BAC meeting tonight! Also thanks to Jonathan for the lovely slideshow.

-Ms. Cardenas


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