Ride report: H.O.B. Nob

Reported by Allan:

The HOB Nob (high occupancy bike ride) was a splendid success. The stats:

People -
11 riders, 2 of which were children

Bikes -
1 triple with a piccolo trailer (I guess that makes it a Quad)
3 tandems, 1 of which was a Chunker, 1 with a kiddie seat and a Burley
double trailer
1 single bike with a piccolo trailer
1 single bike with a cargo trailer
1 single bike with a handlebar basket

Destination Goodies -
5 kinds of cookies
1 carrafe of pipin' hot tea

Those that care to do the math can see we had plenty of spare capacity.
As for the route, its a secret. You'll have to come next year. It was a
real test of HOB handling skills and had lots of fun and interesting
stops along the way.


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