Event report: Clown House Circus!

Went to the clown house last night. It was lots of fun. Didn't stay too late cuz I had a 2 year old and a neighbor kid whose parents had no idea where I'd taken her...and we were on bikes without lights.

BUT, we stayed long enough to enjoy:
  • mud wrastlin'
  • flaming spool walking
  • lightbulb eating demonstration
  • original songs by Dingo the Clown and his cute sidekick (forgot her name but she was from Texaco...err, um, I mean Texas)
  • fire twirling
  • fire rescue by the clown house firefighters
  • general mayhem
I'm sure things got much more interesting after I left. Anyone have more photos or reports to share? I'd love to see some photos of the bike jousting. Feel free to email me or post to the Shift list.

Check the Clown House Slide Show!


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