Report: Bike Kiss-in

Last Friday's Bike Kiss-In was without a doubt the best of it's kind that Portland has ever seen. It inspired mini-kiss-ins afterward at various intersections, and looks to become a nation-wide phenomenon (look for an east coast Kiss-In ride report in the future).

23 couples rode from City Bikes Mothershop to the very visible 39th and Glisan traffic circle. We made Joan of Arc blush, I'm sure. Upon arrival, we dispersed ourselves among the circle, and commenced the spit-swapping in the name of bike love. Some couples held signs as
they made out, including:
  • Make love, not traffic
  • Honk if you're jealous
  • Lip lock, not gridlock
  • Bikes have more fun
  • If you rode your bike, you'd be kissing now
The weather held out long enough for everyone to make out for a goodtwenty minutes or so. At the end, we all gathered for a group photo-op and one-minute make out intensive. Then the clouds rained their congratulations upon us and the satisfied participants scattered

Props to:
  • Alex for the idea
  • Carye, Timo and Jeff for spectacular signs and slogans
  • the many vegans on the ride (next time I promise I'll plan better and not buy gelatin-filled Altoids from the Circle K)
  • everyone who came to demonstrate bike love to the auto-driving, Friday evening masses; you're all hot.
I've got some tasteful photos that I'll post soon. All in the name of bike love,


At 6/20/2005 05:37:00 PM, Blogger jeff caplan said...

The Kiss in was terriffic. Especially riding out there with all the couples. One friend complained that the description was too exclusive...she wanted to show up and pick-up a kissee at the event. Maybe next year there could be a singles corral for last minute lip lock hook up.

Another sign that was not to be missed:

Less Parking Space - More Sucking Face!

At 6/29/2005 10:27:00 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Just a comment on the description being too exclusive--I was very aware that it would be perceived this way. But I didn't want it to turn into a singles hook-up event, because I anticipated the worst: a bunch of people standing around, wanting to hook up, but not necessarily with the other people who showed up (i.e., some folks getting picked and others not: in other words, a horrible middle school after-school dance scene).

So I understand the frustration at potential exclusivity of the couples-only Kiss-In, because kissing and making out is such a personal matter, I didn't want to get involved in other people's personal matters.

And there was a singles event during Pedalpalooza that some people may have missed--the Mercury Lovelab had a Boggle tournament!

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