Report: Happy Hours for Cyclists

Reported by Amy:
6/16 and 6/23

While it's hard to get a very good count, empty cups and anecdotal evidence reveal the following approximate count for the two Happy Hour events:
  • Stoppers and snackers: 50-60 each day
  • Gallons of liquids consumed: 4-5 each day
  • Thank yous and waves: 100s
  • "Get the %^&$ out of my way"s: 6-8
  • Wigs worn by event volunteers: 4
  • City council members stopping by: 1 (Randy Leonard)
Thanks to Jay Graves from Bike Gallery for providing Shifty Lube service on the Steel bridge esplanade, to Jeff B & helper for distributing lights on the Hawthorne, to Robert, Carie & Cody for transport help, and to Sang, Eli, Traveling Dan, Carye and Jeff on the tallbike for helping transport and serve!


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