Report: Bike to Tennis Ride

Reported by Carye:

Bike To Tennis, Monday the 20th, 6:15 - 8:30 pm

8 bicyclists (3 men, 5 women) = 4 teams of doubles on two courts at Sellwood Park (We had the competive side - whoa Sara Stout sure can whoop it up with the fellas - and the not so competive side -- Isn't a cute white skirt enough? Joanna, where on earth are you putting those balls?)

Perfect warm sunny Summer evening, lovely ride on the East Esplande from Hawthorne Bridge to Springwater Corridor to Sellwood Park. After game drinks at Red & Black.

Cutest on the Court goes to Joanna Dyer. Meow!

Cutest Accesory: Sponge Bob Squarepants wrist band. Thanks Elicia

Worst Player goes to Carye Bye, that's me, who had plently of time to practice for her event, but did not.

4 out of 8 were new to PP/Shift events. Hooray!

Photos soon I hope!



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