Report: Heritage Tree Ride

Riders: 33

As reported by Emily:

We had wonderful weather for this ride this afternoon. 33 people were there at the start including a gaggle of kids a few people from my previous tours and lots of first timers, both to Heritage Trees and Bikes. Many thanks to Jeff Bernards and Shawn Granton for help with counts, corking and that group photo!

We truly did have a liesurely ride through the neighborhood and got to see all the trees in full folliage. We were able to see the distinctive bracts of the American Hop Hornbeam for which it is named and we had the bonus of a beautiful flowering Northern Catalpa which was not a Heritage Tree (yet).

One of the Neighborhood Tree Liasons for Irvington, who is also an arborist, came along on his red Schwinn Corvette and spontaneously offered a bonus walk of the distinctive trees in Laurelhurst park at the end of the tour!

A good time was had by all.

Click here to see Deepak Saxena's images.


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