Ride report: Midwest Represent!

Reported by Ayleen:

MW-Represent was thoroughly educational! We had 35 people throughout the night and the recycling bin is overflowing with beer cans - lots of Milwaukee's Best.


tie : Melissa and Allison Parker

Jennie Tower for her Rockford Speedway shirt that was signed across teh chest by the guy who won (by racing a mini school bus) the night she bought the shirt.

Hands down this goes to Carye Bye for her jello salad with a Minnesota flag and Gradma's Cowboy Cookies complete with Grandma's recipe. Oh, and Minnesota music! Sorry there were no more prizes at this point because someone stole the other prizes.

Yeah, someone stole two prizes and I found the wrapper for one of them in the bathroom the next morning. THAT WAS WEIRD.

  • We didn't get around to playing Euchre because things were hectic.
  • We played with ducks.
  • We played Bocce in the rain until it got to be too much.

Bratwurst, Cincinnati Chili (thanks Carie!), deviled eggs, the aforementioned MN treats, conies and more. YUM!

Thanks to everyone who came. We'll see you next year!

Ride report: R U Couv Curious?

When: 6/12/05
Reported by Shawn:

Despite some confusion at the beginning of the ride, the 18 participants (14 riders and 4 organizers) of the R U Couv Curious ride had a swell-o-riffic time learning how to effectively cross the Columbia River to get to Vancouver, Washington.

A group met Kiran at the Rose Quarter stop on the Yellow Line at 11am, while I met another group at Kenton station at 11.30am. From the area around the Expo Center station, we traversed the maze of bike paths to get up across Oregon Slough into the Shoppers Paradise known as Jantzen Beach. We negotiated the "recommended" crossing across the island (which is very poorly designed and quite dangerous) to get to the foot of Interstate Bridge, where we zipped over the three-quarters of a mile crossing of the Mightiest River In The West. Narrow sidewalks, low "don't walk" signals, and bird poop by the metric ton(ne) be damned!

Once we reached the State Of Washington side, Suzan and Todd, our 'Couv liaisons, took us on an enjoyable loop of the central city, taking in the sights of the Columbia River Promenade, Pearson Airfield, Fort Vancouver, Uptown Village, and finally downtown. We stopped at Esther Short Park (the oldest park in the Northwest!) and headed over to the Farmer's Market for nourishment before our return trip "over the river".

After we were satisfied, we returned to the Beaver State, learned about the sneak way through Jantzen Beach (to avoid the dangerous "bike route"), and crossed through East Delta Park to get to the Paul Bunyan statue in Kenton (our protector!) We parted our separate ways and headed off to more bike fun.

Ride report: Pizza Ride

Reported by Shawn:

Despite the weather turning to total crap immediately before and at times on this ride, the Pizza Ride managed to attract 24 hardy bicyclists, whose love of pizza overcamePortland's notorious rain.

The ride started at Wallace Park (NW 25th and Raleigh) at about 6.30pm and hit up two pizzerias in NW, Tributes and Escape from New York. We ordered pies in advance, and had them cut into 16 slices instead of the usual 8, so the riders wouldn't have to eat too much at one place. The first two stops whetted everyone's appetite, and we cruised downhill to Hot Lips in the Pearl. Once we arrived, the sky opened up, leading one rider to comment, "At least it's waiting to rain until AFTER we get to a stop!"

We chomped on some of Hot Lips organic, locally grown slices while waiting for the rain to slow down. On leaving, Timo got a flat and stayed to repair while the rest of Team Pizza headed east across the Broadway Bridge and then north up Williams to Pizza A Go-Go. After A Go-Go, we lost a few of the riders, as they had reached their pizza limit. But over 16 were still able to press on further north-eastward towards Bella Faccia on NE Alberta and 30th. We managed to pass the new mural going up in front of SCRAP, being painted by Bruce Orr (Mudeye Puppets) and Carla Forte!

By the time we got to Bella, the sun had set, so there was a special urgency to get things moving. Or maybe not. We took awhile at Bella, waiting for Team Timo (who eventually did arrive), and several of us obtained beers. Of note was the suggestive nature of Bella's front sign. The next time you go by there, take a close look.

It was almost 10pm by the time we left Bella Faccia. 12 hardy souls stuck through to the Final Stop of the ride, heading due south towards southeast. We made a small "bomb" down the Alameda Ridge at Regents Dr, and used the super-secret "Schuyler's Alley" to get over to NE 28th and Broadway. Ah, Schuyler's Alley, the great democratizer, since even the tallest person will be made short at some point.

Despite a run-in with a pissed off SUV driver on 28th, we were in high spirits for the last stop, Stark Naked Pizza, on SE Stark at 28th. Even though we had quite a bit o pizza in us, we scarfed down that last one in no time. Eventually, it was time to end our pizza affair, and the remaining dozen all went their separate ways into the night, completely full. Unfortunately, we didn't get to Stacatto Gelato for the after-ride desert of cannolis, due to all of us being too full and it being too late to catch Stacatto open.

Oh yeah! We had ballots to rate each pizzeria and find out which one is best. The outcome of the poll will be the subject of an upcoming email, but right now I can say that both Bella Faccia made strong showings and Escape managed to disappoint.

And a recap by the numbers:
Miles rode: 9 (estimate)
Time of total ride: 4 1/2 hours (6.30pm to 11pm)
Total number of riders: 24
Number of riders who stuck it out till the end: 12
Pizzerias hit: 6
Amount paid for all the pizza per rider (for the riders who hit all 6 spots): $7.40
Flat tires: 1
Utili-kilts: 1
Pizzed, I mean pissed off SUV drivers: 1
Alameda Ridge Bombs: 1


Ride report: H.O.B. Nob

Reported by Allan:

The HOB Nob (high occupancy bike ride) was a splendid success. The stats:

People -
11 riders, 2 of which were children

Bikes -
1 triple with a piccolo trailer (I guess that makes it a Quad)
3 tandems, 1 of which was a Chunker, 1 with a kiddie seat and a Burley
double trailer
1 single bike with a piccolo trailer
1 single bike with a cargo trailer
1 single bike with a handlebar basket

Destination Goodies -
5 kinds of cookies
1 carrafe of pipin' hot tea

Those that care to do the math can see we had plenty of spare capacity.
As for the route, its a secret. You'll have to come next year. It was a
real test of HOB handling skills and had lots of fun and interesting
stops along the way.

Alpenrose Action

I know, I know, it's not on the official Pedalpalooza calendar...but it's bikes and it's fun! Check out my slide show of the track action!


More on Cycle the Well Field Ride

Update by Mara: check out her photos . She also posted something on her blog.


PBAC meeting

I counted 27 people at tonight's Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) meeting.
Some topics discussed:
  • Division/Ladds/Seven Corners redevelopment project.
  • Bikestation
  • Freight master plan
  • Hawthorne Bridge rumble strips
Coffee and baked goods were also consumed.

Report: Midnight Mystery Ride

Date of ride: 6/10/05

(Update: Just heard from Ayleen that this ride set a new MMR World Record!)

Number of riders: 88

I wasn't on the ride but I've heard the following:

Ended up as a ZooBomb with bike fun ensuing at that kiddie playground up at Washington Park.

Click here for some photos.

If anyone has a more detailed report, drop me a line maus.jonathan[a]gmail.com, hit the Shift List...or leave it as a comment.

UPDATE: Found this good recap on the Sweet Chocolate Malted Blog


Report: Transportation Geeks Ride

(reported by Ms. Elicia Cardenas)
Date: 6/13/05
Riders: 26
Click here for the slide show

We went on a short ride through Southeast. The good geeky students all recieved worksheets to help identify the various bike facilities and traffic calming devices, and got to put a star on each item viewed. They also got stickers proclaiming such geek jewels as "I own the MUTCD" and " I have 823-SAFE on speed dial."

Of course, the ride leaders were appropriately attired in safety vests and stickers reading "I got booted from Alice B." And our interns were clearly marked.

All the students learned how to correctly identify a speedbump, a traffic circle, good vs. bad street crossing treatments, and what the MUTCD stands for. They also recieved Metro BikeThere maps for their troubles.

Participants wishing to win a final attendance prize should bring their completed worksheet to the Multnomah County Bike Fair and find Ms. Cardenas or Mr. Limaye.

Thanks to everyone who cares about geeky transportation issues. See you all at the BAC meeting tonight! Also thanks to Jonathan for the lovely slideshow.

-Ms. Cardenas

Bike polo at Alberta Park

The best moment of the day came on the final goal of my first-ever game. It was a fast break and I received the puck, tapped in the goal, and proceeded to crash through the cones and into the fence. Blood was spilled. I was baptized. It was good

Check out my Bike Polo slide show!

These guys are masters of the mallet.

Kick Off Parade Slide Show

UPDATE: Check the video (from Ed S. at the Big Time TV blog)

Check out my slide show from the rockin' Kick Off Parade!

This one was completely accidental, I didn't see the graffitti till i got home! (it says, "Smash the State" I think.)

Ride Report: Cycle the Well Field

(reported by Randy)

Twenty five cyclists turned out on a cloudy Saturday morning to ride 16 miles on a combination of bike paths, bike lanes and shared roadway in the City's well head protection area, including segments of the I-205 and Marine Drive bike paths, and Airport Way. The ride started and ended at the TriMet Parkrose-Sumner transfer center and so was accessible via the MAX redline train and several bus lines. Snacks and drinks were provided at Metro's Blue Lake Park, and participants learned about the City's well field, groundwater protection program, and the Columbia Slough watershed at several stops along the way. Several showers dampened the ride, but the heavy rain held off until after the ride was over.

Ride report: Taco Ride

(reported by Ben Salzberg)

It rained cats and dogs right at the time to gather for the ride, eliminating all but the hardiest cyclists. We still had 9 taco enthusiasts along for the ride, and visited several excellent stops:

Cha Cha Cha (Hawthorne)
Uruapan II
Super Torta

We didn't get down to San Felipe... maybe we can do a southlands reprise and hit the way out spots. Or a downtown/inner east side...

Astronomy ride looks like clouds, wah!

Report: Dinnertime Mystery Ride

as reported by the Cougars:

* Riders: 28

Mystery Destination:
former homesite of George Washington Shaver, pioneer of steamship navigation

Special Thanks:
Ethan and Kellie for making dessert crepes with all the fixin's

Ride Synopsis:
From Bikehenge we pedaled south on 18th, under Hwy 26, then along the mixed-use trail that runs along the Sunset through town. At 12th street we turned North, took a lane and had a fast downhill coast to Whole Foods. The foodless contingent stocked up on chicken salad, vino, noodle salad, more vino, crusty bread, and yet more vino.

From Whole Foods we wound our way through the Pearl district taking some ped path short-cuts, crossed the Broadway Bridge, and stopped at the grassy knoll opposite the Rose Garden parking lot. A few intrepid souls entertained themselves climbing the stockade and rock pile. Good times and hearty picnicing ensued. Thanks to everyone that made it out.

Pedalpalooza Essentials

from Kiran Limaye:
Check the list below before you go to any of the
remaining 73+ events.

pp Essentials

10. Coffee/yerba mate/stimulants of choice
9. Properly inflated tires
8. Virgin helmet
7. Cell phone securement to bike/body
6. PP/SHIFT T-shirt
5. Rehydrating salts/ electrolyte solution & water
4. sunscreen (days); birth control (nights)
3. PP calendar & maps
2. On-bike recycling bin or basket
1. B-vitamins

Come to the Transportation Geek's ride tonight at 6 if
you need help with any of the above.

World Naked Ride

Update: According to some reliable sources, there were around 170 riders.

The Folz family, cold and bold.